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Effectively manage the events following an emergency with the A3P Digital ERS.


The Safety First Digital Emergency Response System is packed with fast, accurate, useful tools, allowing your organization to optimize your response to virtually any emergency.

Ease of use

Instant worldwide notification of key staff in the event of an emergency with the push of a button.

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Access your ERP anywhere

Access to your custom digital command center during an emergency from your smart-phone, tablet, or computer.
-Emergency contacts.
-Latest information collected by your team.

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Fully customizable

Adaptible to countless types of emergencies in any size organization.

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Rest Assured

You are prepared!

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"In ERP development and drilling, we are preparing for what might be the worst day of our lives".

Our Partners

Safety 1st Digital Emergency Response System, powered by A3P Technologies, is pleased to be affiliated with these industry-leading organizations. We're in good company!

National Air Transportation Assn.

Aviation industry advocacy association

Wyvern Consulting

Industry best practice accreditor

Fireside Partners

ERP development and execution support

Priester Aviation

Premier aircrfat management and charter.

"Collection of critical data points, with ever increasing accuracy/confidence, is a cornerstone of effective ERP".


Get a glimpse of the smooth workflows and robust tools that drive this innovative program.

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    Digital Control Panel

    Instant access to intuitive, effective administrative features.
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    Digital Command Center

    Gain situational awareness at a glance.
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    Digital Checklist

    Instant access to checklists with embedded contact information, organized by timeframe.

"The moments following learning that our friends and coworkers are down or missing is no time for an inutitive approach to managing that situation".


Safety 1st Digital Emergency Response System, powered by A3P Technologies, has met the standards of some industry's most demanding, safety-sensitive customers.

Rich Xifo: President, Avcon Consultants, LLC.

"This Digital ERS is head and shoulders above any emergency response software. As former Sr. Vice President of Standards and Security for Executive Jet Management, I've seen a wide range of emergency response systems and none offer the robust capabilities and tools afforded by the Safery 1st DERS"

Andy Priester: President and CEO, Priester Aviation

"In the fast-paced world of private aviation, the Safety 1st Digital ERS allows our team to respond to any emergency by instantly bringing our team together, whether they're located at our headquarters or halfway across the World".

"It isn't easy to think about, and especially plan for, disasters. It's easier to think, 'It can't happen to us'... Think again".

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