Product Info: Digital Emergency Response System

Digital ERS Command Center View

The command center consolidates info and links to key functionality in a single view. This page is the center-point for users of the system during an ERP activation. The command center view consists of:

A. Command Bar. An ever-present timer, visual cues to waiting messages, and links to important functionality, ensure that accurate information is never more than a click away.

B. Checklist Status. At-a-glance information keeping you up to date on progress being made within your participants' checklists. The buttons lead to individual checklists. As many checklists ("Roles") can be utilized as are necessary for any ERP in your organization.

C. Most Recent Communications. Quick summary of the 5 most recent communications into and out of your organization.

D. Recent Activity. Continuously updating summary of activities being completed in various aspects of your ERP. Full details concerning who did and said what, and when, are fully documented and available with a click.

Digital ERS Control Panel

The Control Panel serves as the program's "main menu", and is the first post-login view for each user. Each user is presented with specific content and functionality, depending on the user's level of access. The sample image below represents the page's configuration when viewed by an organization's administrator:

A. ERP System Setup and Status. This panel provides a quick view of the organization's degree of readiness to utilize the Digital ERS. During setup of the program, the organization's administrator will be guided, step-by-step, through the various elements necessary to ensure the program has enough of the right information for it to work effectively. This panel can be removed after setup is complete.

B. Admin Content. Provides links to key functionality for use by the program administrator for your organization.

C. My Content. Provides links to key functionality for use by the individual user.

D. ERP activations in progress. Provides links to currently activated ERPs. Multiple, simultaneaous ERP activations are supported.

E. Activate ERP button. There is no mistaking where to click to initiate an ERP within your organization.

F. Advisory Broadcast. This feature allows you to communicate by text messaging, email, and voice call notification with all or any part of your organization. Can be used with or without ERP activation.